Announcement – Board Game in Progress!

Hi everyone! My partner and I (pictured above) just got back from GenCon, the largest tabletop gaming convention in North America. While I was there, I realized what a disservice it was that I have not been updating my blog followers with what I’ve been up to lately. Many of you may have noticed that I haven’t updated this blog in a long time (or maybe you didn’t notice and I’m just flattering myself). Well, the reason why is because I’ve started working on an exciting new project – I am in the process of developing a card game!

Because of this, you may notice a few changes here on the blog. I will still publish content about the nonprofit sector and social good, but you will also find updates on the game I am working on here as well. I will try to be considerate with the way I tag my posts so that folks who are only interested in my posts on charity and social good don’t have to dig through tons of content about boardgames to find what interests them (and vice-versa). The transition to include this type of content might be a little awkward, so feel free to message me and let me know how I can make the experience of reading this blog easier for you.