About Me

[Image description: A cropped photo focusing on my smiling face. I have light skin, green eyes, and short, dark, curly hair. I am wearing glasses and earrings shaped like little skeletons. The background shows that I am in the park on a bright and sunny day, surrounded by grass and green trees.]


Ava Rosenroth has been working in the nonprofit sector since 2010, and has volunteered with political, activist, and social justice movements since 2016. She is deeply interested in learning and exploring how to leverage skills, relationships, and wealth to undo the damage of colonization and lay the foundation for a more just future. Ava learned all about the wonders of nonprofit management when she got her Master’s in Public Administration in 2010 from Binghamton University. Ava learned to love the sound of her own voice from having her own radio show on WHRW 90.5FM Binghamton for five years.

Please note that views expressed on this blog are my own, and do not reflect the views of literally anyone else.

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