Goodness Geek Valentines!

Is there a special someone in your life who happens to geek out a lot about the state of the world we live in? Perhaps a huge nerd who likes to think about compassionate subjects in terms of cold, hard statistics? Maybe you just know and love someone who is seeking a higher purpose and is fascinated with issues of social justice?

Well good news for anyone lucky enough to be dating (our casually flirting with) a social justice nerd – I went and created some special Valentines just for you! I’ve got Valentines for every kind of goodness geek:

For the heroic…

GG Valentine #2

For the ferocious…

GG Valentine #1

For the generous…

GG Valentine #3 

For the crush…

GG Valentine #4

For the supportive

GG Valentine #5

For the nurturing…

GG Valentine #7

For the contagious…

GG Valentine #6

Please feel free to share these with your friends, lovers, and crushes on social media, email, or in real life. If you want to give me some love in return – try the comments section, or shoot me some Valentine’s Day love on Facebook or Twitter!

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