Goodness News – August 25, 2015


The stock market crash getting you down? Check out this week’s Goodness News for some inspiration. Here goes:

  • Economic hardship is more common than you think. Nonprofit Quarterly’s Rick Cohen stresses the importance of social safety net programs, as statistically speaking, most of us will experience economic hardship at some point in our lives.
  • Millennials: You are valued! A new initiative from the Case Foundation and Forbes aims to harness the innovation of the millennial generation with their $1 million Change the World competition. The deadline is tomorrow, so if you’re interested, get cracking!
  • A new study investigates what it takes to achieve the “American Dream.” Researchers compare the importance of family socioeconomic status to personality traits, to analyze which is more likely to help you get ahead in life.
  • Donating goods while vacationing – will it take off? A new app is in development which will make it easier for travelers to donate goods to nonprofits in areas where they are visiting. The app, called Travita, won the Sabre hackathon in London.

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